Mostly things that keep me alive; art in the form of anything related to winter, sorrow, solitude, war, decay, nature and mysticism.



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"Naturally then, the mountains, the creatures, the entire non-human world is struggling to make contact with us. The plants we eat or smoke are trying to ask us what we are up to; the animals are signalling to us in our dreams or in forests; the whole Earth is rumbling; straining to let us remember that we are of it, that this planet, the macrocosm is our flesh, that the grasses are our hair, the trees are our hands, the rivers our blood, that the Earth is our real body and that it is alive."

~ David Abram  (via wiintersolstice)

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Minnen från forna dagar III (I-II)
“Torsten lät resa denna sten efter sig själv och sin son Hävner.Till England hade den unge kämpen farit. Blev sedan hemma tillsorg död.”
© Heathen Harnow - please do not remove credit

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Vinje, Telemark, Norway.


Vinje, Telemark, Norway.

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Off with his head!


“Don’t come too close.”

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